Garden School:

Garden School:
Teaching this week: Rose pruning (as always!) and leaf mold.


I am available to give talks locally, to any group interested in any aspect of gardening.

Talks include:

Garden design and how to apply it to your own garden.

Compost - of course - and leaf mould making: what, why, and how.

Wildlife gardening: nettles are not essential!

Climate change and how it affects gardeners.

Wildflower meadows, nectar bars and attracting birds into your garden.

Latin names and how to make them your friends.

Garden archaeology (bring along your hardcore!).

The Scythe: how an ancient implement fits in to the modern world, along with a demonstration - if you have some suitable long grass!

Talking of which, I love to do practical demonstrations: topiary clipping, propagation, specialist pruning of roses, fruit etc, willow work: these require suitable areas to work in, of course, and are more workshops than talks.

In addition I have been asked to talk to new business starters, and I have mentored several people into gardening.

For talks, I bring my own projector but would need the use of a screen: I also bring along a selection of plants and garden items for sale, subject to the time of year.

Most groups book their talks well in advance, but if you get a cancellation at short notice, I may be able to step into the gap for you.

I am based in Wantage, and am happy to travel around the local villages including East and West Hanney, the Hendreds, Letcombe Regis and Letcombe Bassett, Uffington, the Challows, Childrey etc.

I always enjoy talking to local groups, so if you are interested, do please e-mail me for a more relaxed response.

To email me: click on View My Complete Profile and use the link there, or email direct to Thank you!